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"20 to 100 times more concentrated than any other oxygenated water"

1. Increased energy and stamina: Oxygenated water can improve energy levels by increasing the supply of oxygen to cells, enhancing cellular metabolism, and supporting optimal energy production.


2. Better physical and mental performance: By improving oxygen delivery to muscles, oxygenated water can enhance physical performance and reduce fatigue. It also supports mental clarity and cognitive function.


3. Enhanced liver function and detoxification: Oxygenated water promotes better liver function by increasing the free oxygen content in the liver and enhancing the activity of liver enzymes involved in detoxification processes.


4. Assist recovery from sickness, injury, and tissue damage: The increased oxygen levels in the body provided by oxygenated water can aid in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, helping to speed up recovery.


5. Enhances and supports other medical treatments: Oxygenated water can complement other medical treatments by providing additional oxygen support to the body, promoting better overall healing and therapeutic outcomes.


6. Enhanced muscle recovery after exercise: Drinking oxygenated water after exercise can accelerate muscle recovery by facilitating the restoration of oxygen levels in muscle cells and reducing post-exercise muscle fatigue.


7. Supports a healthy immune system: Optimal oxygen levels in the body are essential for a strong immune system. Oxygenated water can support immune function by ensuring adequate oxygen supply to immune cells.


8. Improves metabolism and circulation: Oxygenated water can enhance metabolic processes and improve blood circulation, allowing for better nutrient absorption and waste removal throughout the body.


9. Supports weight loss: By boosting metabolism and improving energy levels, oxygenated water can support weight loss efforts and help maintain a healthy body weight.


10. Stimulates the restoration of redox processes in the muscles: Oxygenated water supports redox (oxidation-reduction) processes in muscle cells, aiding in their recovery and promoting optimal muscle function.


11. Shortens the time to restore blood oxygen saturation: Compared to normal breathing, oxygenated water can rapidly increase blood oxygen saturation levels, helping to overcome oxygen debt and hypoxia more quickly.


12. Reduces plastic and contractile tensions of stretched muscles during rest: Oxygenated water can help alleviate tensions in stretched muscles during periods of rest, promoting relaxation and faster recovery.


13. Improves micro-circulation in capillaries: Enhanced oxygenation provided by oxygenated water improves micro-circulation in capillaries, ensuring better oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues and organs.


14. Lifesaving in the case of carbon monoxide poisoning: Oxygenated water can be potentially lifesaving in situations of carbon monoxide poisoning, as the increased oxygen levels can help counteract the effects of carbon monoxide on the body.


15. Promotes collagen regeneration: Collagen regeneration is crucial for maintaining healthy skin, joints, and connective tissues. Oxygenated water can support collagen synthesis and promote tissue regeneration.


16. Enhances liver function and detoxification: Oxygenated water improves liver function by increasing the free oxygen content in the liver, enhancing enzyme activity, and supporting detoxification processes.


17. Facilitates liver detoxification: The increased oxygen levels provided by oxygenated water can enhance the liver's ability to detoxify harmful substances, aiding in overall detoxification processes.


18. Increases oxygen reserves: Oxygenated water helps increase oxygen reserves in the body, ensuring an adequate supply for cellular processes and supporting optimal physiological function.


19. Speeds up the decrease in lactic acid levels after physical exertion: Lactic acid buildup can lead to muscle fatigue and soreness. Oxygenated water can accelerate the reduction of lactic acid levels, promoting faster recovery.


20. Refreshes intellectual performance: Proper oxygenation is essential for optimal brain function. Oxygenated water can enhance cognitive performance, memory, and mental clarity.


21. Unburdens movement for individuals with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions: Oxygenated water can ease movement and physical exertion for individuals with respiratory conditions, cardiovascular issues, asthma, anemia, and heart valve dysfunction.


22. Quickens the increase in oxygen content in stomach cells compared to breathing alone: Oxygenated water rapidly increases the oxygen content in stomach cells, providing faster oxygen delivery to the body compared to breathing alone.


23. Helps alleviate physical fatigue caused by oxygen debt during intense physical exertion: Oxygenated water can help overcome physical fatigue by providing an extra oxygen supply to meet the increased demands of intense exercise.


24. Aids in restoring blood oxygen saturation levels more quickly after strenuous exercise: After intense physical activity, oxygenated water can speed up the restoration of blood oxygen saturation levels, promoting faster recovery.


25. Improves recovery of resting heart rate: Oxygenated water supports a quicker recovery of resting heart rate after physical exertion, helping the cardiovascular system return to a normal state more efficiently.


26. Decreases plastic and contractile tensions in muscles during dormancy: Oxygenated water can reduce tensions in muscles during periods of rest, promoting relaxation and facilitating muscle recovery.


27. Stimulates micro-circulation in capillaries, enhancing blood flow: Improved oxygenation provided by oxygenated water stimulates micro-circulation in capillaries, resulting in better blood flow and nutrient delivery to tissues.


28. Acts as a complementary treatment to radiotherapy in cancer patients, alleviating physical side effects: Oxygenated water can complement radiotherapy treatments in cancer patients, potentially mitigating certain physical side effects and supporting overall well-being.


29. Enhances activity of enzymes in the liver: Oxygenated water increases the activity of liver enzymes, improving liver function and supporting efficient metabolic processes.


30. Helps enhance liver detoxification process: Oxygenated water aids in enhancing liver detoxification processes, assisting the liver in efficiently removing toxins from the body.


31. Uploads oxygen reserves: Oxygenated water helps replenish and increase oxygen reserves in the body, ensuring a sufficient supply for various cellular functions and metabolic processes.


32. Acts as a protective drink for individuals with heavy physical demands, as well as gas: Oxygenated water serves as a protective beverage for individuals with high physical demands and can also provide support in gas-related situations.


32 Benefits of

 Oxygenated Water






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