OxyDrink Testimonial - Peter 

I was engaged as a business consultant by O2 Water in mid-2018. I immediately researched, for my own interest, the benefits of oxygenated water and found a substantial number of positive claims, including higher energy, improved health, disease prevention/reversal, and more stamina. I own and operate a high-demand business and am also a keen tramper – so I bought a siphon and started to use the oxygenated water daily, wondering whether or not it would make a noticeable difference to me. About 5 days in, I was definitely noticing higher concentration and energy levels than before.


(Occasionally I miss a day – and I notice the reverse effects too: energy-drain and less stamina.) I’m now a regular user, and grateful for the opportunity to consume something so ‘natural’, which is both restorative and apparently preventative . . . And the fact that I’m drinking more cold water (rather than simply hot drinks) has to be good for me too!


Whether you’re a high-performance athlete, or simply an “average person” like me, I’d encourage you to prove the benefits to yourself – buy one and give it a go! If you’re like me, you’ll be pleased that you did.
Peter L, Rangiora


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