Oxygen Testimonial Rochelle

I have been using O2 Water now since March 2022 ( 5 months ) and it has been a revelation in our home. From the first time my husband and I used it, the O2 got to work. We had a number of healing reactions that gently manifested and then healed quickly.


We were amazed and very pleased. In the first week we noticed a huge improvement in energy, for me in particular it was like night and day as I have been battling auto-immune issues and histamine intolerance that leaves me severely debilitated. Suddenly I had energy to work in the garden and keep up with normal home activities. Before this I was falling into a depression because my quality of life was very low.


I discovered that during a histamine episode if I drink the O2Water it brings me through it that much quicker and the relief is huge! Histamine reactions are very scary as they impact my central nervous system so to have something that helps me recover is priceless.  I also have to endure a lot of nausea with the histamine intolerance and a few sips of O2Water and the nausea goes. Incredible ! When I felt a head cold coming on I drank a litre of O2Water, took my vitamins and woke up fine the next day. My skin looks healthier too and more dewy. 


It’s my go-to for any tummy upsets, energy issues or just general healing in the body.  We are so very happy that we have something like this available in New Zealand. My family and I highly recommend O2Water whether you have health issues or not. It’s refreshing and invigorating, my friends love having a glass when they pop over too.



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